I had a good weekend! Would you believe. On Friday night I went to this crappy bar for a drink or two with Bugboi’s work gang, and then out for margaritta’s afterward, but since most of the them had started drinking at 1.00 in the afternoon, they were pretty much wrecked. So, we went home and BugBoi went to bed, and I stayed up to watch the first of that last four episodes of Farscape. Unfortunatly, I was tired, so I fell asleep 17 minutes into it, an woke up 17 minutes into Lexx, wondering what the hell was going on. 8( Turns out I didn’t miss much anyway.

Saturday I got into a fight with Bugboi, and so I left to go see Lord of the Rings again. Surprisingly enough, the theater was still pretty packed AND they had a five minute trailer for the Two Towers at the end! I was very excited, and please to see Gandolf’s return…with combed hair. If that is all it takes, to become a mighty wizard (combed hair), then I could become a very rich and powerful person indeed. After the movie, and a flower from BB, we decided to go a party that Aric invited us too. A birthday party as I later found out. Usually we hate going to parties because we always stand uncomfortably in the corner, wondering why we came in the first place and drinking too much. The night turned out well because I ran into Mischa again. BB and I had gone to their Labor Day Barbecue via Aric, and had a good time, and he had shown up at our Christmas party. In any case we made tenative plans for this week to have a SciFriday. I am excited.

Finally, someone else to watch these shows with AND have IT be the something to do. [As opposed to those who think staying in Friday to watch TV is lame and a last resort]

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