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So yeah, this past weekend was fun. We went to the Zoo, we went to a Party, we had bad hangovers, Tim had to work a LOT over the weekend. In fact he didn’t get home last night until 2:00 AM. What a pile…. anyway. This morning he slept in and then I made a delicious breakfast of beans, toast and eggs with coffee. Then we walked down to the polling place to say our four cents … luckily for us so many people cared about our vote. We had seven calls before noon making sure we knew our way and what to do. How considerate. I even had a visitor to the door today offering to escort me down the street.

It was funny when we were at the polling place which is White Horse Middle s…no wait. Shenk Elementary (the schools are right next to each other) they had set up a few bake sale tables. How brilliant is that? To offer baked good to people walking by. Those sneaky schools. I sure am glad I managed to go to one.

So last night I did call my Dad and talked a bit. Whew go that obligation out of the way. Apparently Aunt Diana is now in a nursing home in Black River Falls…I should send a card but it’s hard to do when no one knows what nursing home she is. Family fueds…they really get in the way of doing the considerate thing.

I finished Wicked last night…the ending … like so many other books I have read recently seemed a tad bit rushed and abrupt. Over all though, I enjoyed the book. I also made some cranberry muffins because the bag of cranberries I had was going south. I didn’t know cranberries could go bad that fast. Anyway, the recipe called for only a 1/2 cup of sugar and man can you tell. I don’t like them. Of course I had two last night and two this morning…and will probably end up eating the rest of them, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. Too tart/bitter. I like my sweets sweet.

My wisdom teeth are getting inflamed and stuff. I need to find a dentist in Madison and get them removed for once and for all. I am sick and tired of not being to eat like a normal person or clack my teeth whenver I want too. Since I am not working either I can’t use extended recovery time as a reason. For heaven’s sake, I broke my back and WALKED on it….why I am so afraid of the damned dentist?

And Liama…going over to your place last night would have required me to get wet. Not to mention I had still needed to take that shower which I eventually did. Which reminds me I have to take apart the tub thing to clean out the drain. It’s a wickedly slow drain right now. Woah…how’s that for babbeling?

I hope Kerry wins.

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