So the new Dynasty Warriors is apparently not two player like the first one was. Why did they have go to and change it? I thought it had enough strategy before…this totally sucks. We were going to get that for Tim’s birthday present this month and both of us were really looking forward to playing it. *sigh* Yet another disappointment.

Last night I went to the democratic party at the Monona Terrace. I heard and met Tammy Baldwin, I am happy that half of the people voted for made it…with the big exception of Kerry and the many of the Wisconsin Green candidates. Ahh well. I personally don’t see any kind of “healing” that is going to occur within the next few months…at least not from anyone that voted Kerry. I have seen tons of Bush folks today express that they wanted a unified country…..yeah right—as long as we do whatever the fuck they want, follow their moral and religious right and be happy about it.

Anyway at the Terrace, I met that Indian cover boy for the UW Alumni thing…Casey something. He is Ho Chunk as well, and I had originally heard about him (not only from the magazine) but from a girl that a friend of mine was dating. She had gone on and one about how arrogant he was and I had tried my best to ignore the whole conversation. There is nothing I hate more than someone trying to gossip to me about Indian things when I don’t even know the person. I get too touchy about that. Anyway, so I met him. And yes, he was arrogant and full of himself but he was also polite and out going. Well shit, he’s young, good looking and smart. Time just hasn’t had enough time to … uh get to know him. So to speak. :)

I also was recognized by someone I went to High School with YEARS ago. Actually I didn’t go school with him, we more like lived in the same town since he is 4-5 years younger than I am. You see, his mother Carla is best friends with my mother, Aleta. So I have gotten reports on how Adam has been for the last … well ten years? I was amazed it was Adam. No longer was a chubby blond haired, insecure boy standing there…no he was replaced by a self-assured, extremely good looking and stylish young man. Wow. He introduced me to his roommate (forgot her name) but she is the younger sister of Brad Wilson — who married my cousin by marriage last year. I used to party with him in High School. It was really cool to see him and that he was able to recognize me. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a line up — he’s changed so much.

I then left the shindig to see what else was going on. So I walked over to Jenna’s and saw four or five people sitting despondently, walked over to the dice and it was pretty low key as well. I walked over to the Kerry or Canada party at Cafe Momarte and stood with a close clutch of people in a darkened room for a moment while I decided I didn’t want to be there either. So I went back to the Monona Terrace to be anonymous and have one more overpriced Miller Light. I ran into Casey again who said he was going to a younger hipper place and I told him there was nothing around the capitol going on right now. I then called Tim and asked him to pick me up and then while I waited talked with Ahmed. He is one of the people that was in my Globalization study book group earlier this spring. I met his wife and we spoke politics for a bit. He was totally trashed. Ha ha.

Last night I got all of my sparring gear…but I don’t know if i am going to use it tonight. Apparently Iron Man showed up last week which is incentive…however since my sparring buddy left to Conn. I don’t want to take a chance it is just going to be. I feel like I might want to be waiting a bit until I am sure a few more people are going to be there. It’s gets TOO tired and hard when it is just two people and I am the suckier of the two. I think I am going to put the equipment on right now and walk around the house pretending to beat stuff up.

I gotta go grocery shopping tonight. We are getting the new car tomorrow if everything works out. There was no good mail today. I watched Matchstick Men and it was pretty good. I have to take Pluto out. I don’t know what to make for dinner. I wish the bathroom tub drain would fix itself. I have to decide on whether or not we are going to have a Christmas Party this year. I need to decide soon so I can plan for it.

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