It’s true…we got a new car last night. It took longer than we thought it would. Steve from the Lancaster showed us absolutely everything, almost every page from the manual, the whole car and how everything works, explained the financing and everything! I even got a free diet coke and Tim got a Red Bull while we waded through the paperwork and details. The new car is great! I mean, it’s actually new. I have never had a new car …nor has Tim… ever. We drove it out of the lot like a newborn baby.

Went to Menards to get window insulation kits and a hair/lint catcher thing to put over the drain in the tub. I am to prevent hair from getting in there from now on. Getting rid of that clog yesterday too ALOT of elbow grease, baking soda and vinegar. Ugh. Butbefore I put the window insulators on I need to make curtians for the bedroom. The material I have is calico. How rustic. Eh, at least it’s the bedroom. Our house will never look fancified. Hell, we have wire curtain hangers in the office and guest room. Only the living room and has real curtain rods.

Now I have to go and clean the Saturn. It’s piggy. Mark and Sharon (MIL) will be here around 11:00 or 11:30 to pick it up. That car is … Poision — never trust a big butt and smile.

Okay, I just wanted to sing that line more than anything. I speak the truth though, the car is dirty.

Oh and we got a first aid kit with the car! How cool is that? And did I mention it has a built in CD player? And the locks open by clicking a button? Now Tim can be the gentleman ALWAYS and unlock the door for me. Ha. A short aside to Zoey, sorry about not getting the Kino car…although it was pretty neat. ;) Break it to Kino softly, will ya?

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