Why do I feel like I am so busy all the time? I don’t recall feeling like this when I lived in Chicago. Now it feels like there are still a gazillion things I need to do at any given point. Today I am putting film up on the windows and foam in places where the sun don’t shine. I treated myself to so me coffee and a fancy creamer Tim got for me. Actually the coffee is fancy pants Ethiopian stuff that sil-Sarah got from one of those politically correct coffee houses. It tastes … strangely fair priced. :)

The Humane Society of Madison needs your help! The shelter is nearly out of cat liter (unscented, unclumping), canned cat and kitten food and dry kitten food. “We currently have 495 cats and kittens in our system,” said Jodi Mergener of the Dane County Human Society. “We are in an urgent need mostly because our budget for the year is close to running out, and we can no longer afford to purchase these items.” Supplies are also running low because “kitten season” never ended this year.

So this weekend we are going to donate by going buying the litter at Mounds and telling them it is for the Humane Society. We are people that like cats. We would get another but we are maxed out with three — and even that heirarchy is barely stable.

This week we dogsat Jack. He’s pretty much just another version of Pluto. It’s weird. Although Jack is a bit of a puller when you take him on walks. Pluto is a good as gold. Although Jack can sit. Pluto just looks at you like….uh….huh? I counted how many words I am sure that Pluto knows….he knows 12. WOO! Understanding 12 English words? That’s better than most non English speaking people.

I had a dream about my high school reunion last night. I guess that is all I am going to get since I haven’t heard anything about one. The night before I had a dream that we were in France and visiting Than in his French apartment -it was just a long weekend trip. Then I had a dream about my remodeled basement (that looks nothing like my actual basement) that had extra stairs that went down to hell. Oh and then there were the nightmares about Dawn of the Dead meets Gremlins/Critters with Lord of the Rings special effects.

I went to fight night last night. Porter, Glass and Iron Man were there, oh and Shaun – who kicks as fast as the Flash. Way more people than I expected. I tried out my new sparring gear and it was cool. The new shin guards ROCK! But the foot pads are too big and I need to figure out a way to shorten the straps underneath…should be a cinch. Otherwise…it was fun and I only got hit really hard with one kick to the head and punch to the face. Sigh. Iron says I am getting better…but I just don’t feel like it. He also said that in the old days they used to charge extra if you wanted one on one time sparring with a black belt. What? Crazy talk…surely. Also, I got my fourth strip so I need to start practicing and preparing for the next test. I would like to take it before the new year. I need to design a form. Woo. I like forms.

I went to the craft store with Hilary earlier this week and got some great White Elephant items for the Holiday party and some stamps for me! It was fun looking at all the crap they had for sale…and it was even funner to get home and look through the crap I bought last year at their 90% off post Christmas sale. My collection is growing….it’s cool to even have a collection. It takes years to accumulate a good collection of Christmas crap. I have been at this for … hm…um….four years? Yeah four years. Imagine what I will have in 20 more years! I will have evolved into yard stuff, and lights for the house or … inflatable snowmen. Oh…maybe not that far.

Finally, I found a dentist! First Choice Dental Group, next to WPS behind the Post Office — practically walking distance. It took some work finding a female dentist on the east side…but I did it! Thank god. I prefer female dentists for a variety of reasons. As me and I will convince you of this truth. So yeah I have an appointment for tomorrow at 9.30 AM for a full panoramic x ray view of my jaw, cleaning and whatnot. Total cost? 260 bucks! Good god. Thank god for insurance which covers it all up to 1000. I am looking forward to seeing what these monsters look like, and maybe even having them gone.

Also, I made curtains, looked all over the house for my sewing machine manual only to not find it, cleaned and am expecting a friend who said she would come today to not come. Actually this it the fourth attempt she is making at visiting me. After three I quit believing she would ever visit. So much so that I haven’t even touched the guest room to make it ready OR gotten dressed in something other than jammies. Plus she hasn’t been online ALL week and that is the a sure indication of avoidance. Or maybe she is online, just hiding from me.

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