As promised here is your Week in Pictures.

In other news…I have almost all the windows buttoned up. I have had a killer headache for the past three days …but has been contained for the most part like a vicious monster. However we both know that if I slip the slightest bit either left or right then I am in for a hell ride. Lets hope that just doesn’t happen.

I finished another collar. I think I am going to try and ebay it. I have never done ebay so I am going to rely on Tim to ebay it for me.

Yesterday I saw the beginning of Mannequin. I didn’t know that it started in ancient Egypt! And James Spader is in it…what is with him and egyptian movies?

I had a weird ho chunk dream this morning in which I attended some kind of meeting. It was modern in a traditional setting with … conference tables, cheap coffee, hard chairs — all outside and in a lodge. So when I got up I made some coffee with a little cinnamon sprinkled on the grounds = poor man’s gourmet flavored coffee.

And Pat — you had those teeth out via the dentist? Good god are you insane? Thankfully my teeth are going to be removed by an oral surgeon which means I get to be knocked out. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I had to be awake while they pulled and ripped up crap … then I think I would take my chances with them rotting out or something. Also, I heard good reviews for Halo II — with the exception that it is kind of short with only 10-15 hours of play. I am not sure how long the first one is…but we have played for 10 hours at least and I don’t think we are near to being done…we are at the part where we have to stop the halo clerk from activating Halo.

As for the hidden fees at the dentist — it’s covered under the insurance and they don’t charge for them…(if you have insurance) but if you paid out of pocket then you would. Sucky huh? On another note I wanted to say that this was the FANCIEST dentist ever! They gave me sunglasses to block the over head light thing, they took pictures of the teeth in question and put them on a video monitor so I could see them, they took a panoramic view of my entire jaw line (it the x-ray thing went out my head it was so scifi), and they had coffee and tea, and I got a free toothbrush and floss. This place made my last dentist look SO ghetto.

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