Magic Eraser is AMAZING! I bought it today while at the store getting fixings for a pumpkin pie. I had seen the commercials and had heard a friend say it worked but I didn’t really believe it. First I used it wipe a kicthen wall that had been splattered with an exploding two liter of diet coke. Wipe wipe — miracle! Amazing. I wiped the whole wall and then attacked the refridgerator. It wiped up with no smearing or anything and barely any elbow grease. So I went to the front door and wiped wiped … the grime came off like hot butter. I then wiped the wall where a bunch of WD-40 had been sprayed when I oiled the hinges a few months back — magic! I then, just like the commerical, walked around the house looking for things to battle next. Then I had an idea.

Two walls in the master bedroom where covered with … that grime that comes when you put your bed next to a wall without a headboard. It came from the previous owners and when we first moved here I threw everything I had at it. 409, bleach, lysol, soap, oxyclean — everything I could think of it and it stayed. I assumed that the paint had worn thin and there was nothing I could do about it except paint over it. Except we haven’t had the cash or time to paint the room and when it was the office the walls were covered with bookshelves. A few months ago we switched room and I despaired at how ugly and filthy the walls were and figured I would just have to make do. Well, I walked in there with my magic eraser … swipe swipe wipe — it started to come off! I couldn’t believe it. I wiped some more and sure enough the white was showing through. Huh? Impossible! It can’t be! I wiped the whole wall down…it came out clean as a freshly bleached laundry.

Tim just came home and I demanded he come into the bedroom. Of course he didn’t notice what was different because it didn’t bother him. But when I showed him the miracle .. he just shrugged like typical Tim. Still. I had to go and make a testament to all of you out there — magic eraser is wonderful!

Wow. Still in shock.

I am skipping fight night this week because I already told them I wouldn’t be there last week because Tim was supposed to be on a business trip. Well the trip got pushed back but I just don’t feel like going. It has taken me four days to get rid of this monster headache and getting punched in the head is not something I need right now. Besides I am really sore from yesterday. Ach. I will just take a walk with Tim and Pluto to loosen up the old muscles and get the heart moving a bit. That’ll be just fine.

I also have to hook up the old gateway computer so I can get some email addresses, and then take pictures of the two collars I want to try and sell on ebay.

For dinner tonight — ceasar salad and pumpkin pie with whipped topping. YUM!

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