First things first. You are invited to our home for the annual holiday party. Hope to see you there and rsvp. It will be fun, I promise.

Last night we watched Shrek II and laughed our pants off at Puss in Boots with his cute face and Pinnocio “real boy” scenes. In fact we went back and watched it several times. Oh the funny! I hope there is a Shrek III. The day was mostly spent with me working on making a fancy xmas stocking for Tim (one of those beaded and sequined things you get at a craft store…damn they are hard. I finally had to stop reading the instructions and just figure out how to do it by looking at the picture. So far so good. I am going to make kitty toys with the leftover felt pieces.

Saturday we went to Kennel Days and walked dogs. After that we came home for a short nap and then picked up Ty Quan to play video games. Since he didn’t get the message that we wanted to play HIS video games (he has sports games) we ended up playing X-Men. He seemed to have fun, but with that kid you can never really tell.

Saturday night we went to the Inferno. I dressed up a bit and now I think I am done doing spooky stuff for the rest of the year. Although it was a great reason to wear my long, black matrix coat that I love so much but have little reason to wear. We had a pretty good time there talking with folks and even meeting some new people. Still I was glad to leave at 1.30 and go home to my own bed. I AM getting old — which is ironic considering it was Matt’s birthday. But I don’t understand how he can have that much energy anyway. He’s a firecracker!

I am thinking about asking my neighbhor is she wants to craft with me. It would be nice to get to know her and I think she would really like the company.

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