I am a failure today. Don’t ask why because me just complaining about it compounds the failure because I will have failed to prevent myself from becoming a whiner. Sigh.

I am self medicating with cookies. Even they are a failure. Cakey. Who likes cakey cookies? Gah. I had a feeling that would happen though so I made them with margarine instead of butter. That means, not only am I getting 1/3 less the fat, but the cookies will be crunchy. And of course the are brown on top instead of light golden because I don’t have any pans that will brown them just so. They are all “dark pans.” I should just buy or find some stainless steel ones. This teflon stuff is for the birds.

Tim called it Frankerizing them. After my step dad Frank who used to always make pizza’s “golden brown” because he left them in too long.

Yeah. So.


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