finally tomorrow

by t. zoEy benally

my friend…

has a Magic Eraser

wipes oil abandoned by former tenants

but i wonder–where?

does it all go?

matter never created nor destroyed

human grease morphs, atoms shift

someplace skids are waxed

algebraic units bounce across equal signs

negative signs hitched

on their hips

fat babies gurgling for milk

alchemy removes what harsh

chemicals and words

Bureau matron hen screech

“what’s wrong with you?!?”

Indian left behind

Affairs rubbed away

spit on a thumb

microscopic ink rolled with epithelial cells

message expunged

from a brown-pink palm

Isn’t that a great poem? Check out more of Zoey’s work at Chimera (link to your left) or by clicking here.

Today I signed up to be a bell ringer at Woodman’s East. You know there are TONS of shifts that are still needed in Madison. It’s super easy to volunteer for a time slot that is probably really close to where you live or work. Check it out at I am not saying that I am a soldier in the Salvation Army however I do think that it is one of the most recognized charities out there and probably gets a big bundle of money for the needy–at least during the holidays. Anyway, I am going to be there tomorrow from 2-4 at Woodman’s East. Stop by and see me.

After I see how that goes I may sign up for most slots. Maybe next week. Yeah.

Went shopping yesterday and got lots of soft foods. Maybe I am starting to get a tad bit nostalogic about my wisdom teeth. “But Mommy do they HAVE to go?” Yes dear, it is their time.

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