They were yanked yesterday. They would not give me my teeth. They said other people didn’t get their teeth and that they were infected anyway. I tried to say that I wasn’t planning on putting them back in. Tim had to excuse me and say “Sorry, she get’s really surly after surgery.”

And I was still waking up so I couldn’t argue. But he’s right. I am surly. Is that my true nature? One of bitchiness in which I expect my every demand to be fullfilled? I am probably a nightmare patient. Well crap I have been in the hospital enough times over my life and you gotta be assertive in order to get what you need.

Sigh. Last night sucked. I only managed a pudding but threw it up later along with a everything else I had to drink for the day. This morning the mouth hurts. I took pills and now I am sleepy and thinking I should take a mid morning nap. Even though I have only been up for an hour and a half. The more sleep you get the faster you heal right? Yeah…a nap wouldn’t hurt. Can someone tell me why when I am sick though the damn dog want’s to hog the couch? He doens’t want it any other time. That fucker.

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