Guess who confessed to finding one of his christmas presents this morning? If you guessed Tim then you are right. I had gotten him new socks and he wanted to wear them today and … well he got to wear a pair. What a stinker! At least I said he couldn’t wear the *really* good pair.


All the animals were bastards this morning. Every single on of them. When I woke up I had to take some pain meds because now the top of my mouth — by the sinuses are starting to hurt.

I went and played scrabble last night and won both of my games! Woo. And they say I was drugged up. Ha whatever. IT only feels like being woozy for a hour after the first twenty minutes. Then it subsides. Sarah’s place was awesome! So cozy and comfortable. I wish I could have had some of the lasagna…but the apple crisp goody stuff that Ryan made mushed down was good.

I am off to work on more christmas cards and watch morning videos. This is day three….this and tomorrow are supposed to be the worst days.

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