I had waffles this morning! Wow. They were frozen waffles of course, saturated with syrup. Yum. I made half caf earl grey too….last night my mouth suddenly just felt a lot better. Of course I can’t open it all the way or anything, but I can smile and talk like a normal person instead of a ventriliquist.

I bought vitamins last week cos Walgreen now sells a much cheaper version of One-A-Day. I got boy vitamins and girl vitamins and have started to make Tim take one with me every morning. Have I mentioned that I have Tim on a strict green tea and St. John’s Wort tea regime every afternoon? In addition to this whole quitting smoking thing….I am like a health nazi. I dreamed about smokes this morning…I had a pack in my coat pocket and I was walking in a city looking for a cozy bar to have a drink and smoke in. Blast waking up.

Yesterday I went over to Heathers and checked out her place and did some cross stitch. MAN! Her place is so cute and adorable and I totally envisioned myself as the intrepid young woman bursting out on a path of liberation and freedom on her own. I imagined it decorated and painted and me coming home after a long day of secretarial or nursing work and taking tea with my kitty before getting ready for my big date or something. Whoa, I guess it’s time to read a romance novel…or hell any novel in general. I started a book the other day, hopefully that will help with my case of wanderlust.

This week the house will be Christmasfied. BUT first I am going to watch Ringu and work on somethings this morning. Although I don’t really want to watch Ringu. Maybe I should just send it back and get it again some other time when I am in the mood for it. I am much more interested in feel good movies right now. Luckily it’s Christmas and there are craploads of them on.

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