So far today, I actually wrote the obession piece I was working on. I just need to rewrite it and I am good to go. Wow, a whole week behind the writing assignment due. That’s a record. I had to take time to write it today, because I had started to combine the writing idea with the next one, which is ‘monsters’.

I was bad and didn’t take a walk at lunch. I HAD to get what I was doing done. I was so close, and you know sometimes if you walk away from something you almost have finished? Then when you come back you don’t finish it, because it takes a while to figure where you were? Well, that is what I was afraid of, so I didn’t go anywhere. I just kinda hung out around here again, and at my chili. I will take a walk after work, and do something. Although I wonder if Buffy is a new episode tonight? [just checked and it is another sucky rerun]. I should use the time tonight to do some stuff on the computer, but BB got two new games…one is this super hero one with cheesy stereotypes and the other is Heros of Might and Magic four.

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