There is something wrong with my nose. The base of it…right next to my eyes keeps wanting to explode. It’s awful and I have had this problem for a week now. IT comes in the mornings and stays for a couple hours before fading away and then coming back at night. I took a pink allergy pill last night to help it and for me to go to sleep. Too thinky. I get caught up thinking about things and phrases and can’t sleep, right now keep getting “lemony snickletts unfortunate events, take me a way, simplicity — and a phrase from asong that is finally out of my head this morning. I shouldn’t push it by trying to remember what the phrase was otherwise I will have it for weeks to come.

Saturday was the party! It was fun. I didn’t take TOO many pictures, but the ones that I did take I will put up later this week. Of course, typical Tim and Laura we were behind and made the first guests … rather…accepted offers of help from the first guests in getting things ready. Thanks to Lowen, Oliver, Shane and Tiara…at 8.15 when that was set we were able to relax and enjoy the party. Tim went out and got more beer at one point and now we have TONS of crappy…er, I mean bluecollar beer. PBR and Highlife. We won’t have to buy booze for a long time! Someone brought Riverwest and we are working through that now. Yum…fancy beer is SO freaking good sometimes.

I was really pleased to see how many people dressed up and looked SO good. It was a little magical to see how great everyone could look, and the decorations turned out nice, there was a great array of food throughout the night, the nogg was good and spiced wine ….uh next time I should use a sweet wine…but was good….it was like those movies where they show a bit of a Christmas party. Tim and I were also able to actually visit with folks and enjoy it this year — moreso than other years.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming out. Tim is hinting that next year’s thing will be: Karaoke. It will be year five and one should do something a little extra on those big years (5, 19, 15 etc)

In other news…the SUN IS OUT TODAY! The first time the sun has been out for over a week or two. Holy moley it’s so nice. But it is also quite a bit colder. Bah.

Yesterday after having a homemade breakfast of kings, Ben went on his way and Tim and I went to pick up Ty’quan (the little) for our activity. I decided that we would take him to the mall to help pick out those “holiday wishes” cards. Where needy folks fill out cards (based on organizations? We think? Hm) saying what they want. Unlike toys for tots which is randomly done. We forced TQ to make two decisions … one to pick the card we had whittled down to five choices. He picked a five year old boy who wanted spiderman or DragonballZ stuff or clothing. The second choice was what gift we should actually give. Getting TQ to express an opinion is nigh impossible. We eventually settled on a Spiderman jammy set and a small spiderman parachut toy to go with it. Of course we bought this stuff at Toy R Us….hardly anyone ever actually gets the gift at the mall. There were so many target and bed bath beyond bags in the thing…it was funny. Anyway, we saw Sigrid and Matt at the glass store…the store that I had just passed and thought to myself “Who the hell shops there?” Well Sigrid and Matt do. And when we went in to say Hi, there was a huge line! Hah. They were there buying Snowbabies for Sigrid’s grandmother.

Tim thinks TQ was bored to tears…I think …”deal.” It was something to do. Next time we are having a pizza party and playing HIS video games. Where he has the advantage.

This week Tim is on a business trip. He is leaving this afternoon in fact. The car is still in the drive way because Liama was kind enough to give Tim a ride to work. Man she’s an early bird! So no TKD for me until Thursday. I am going to have to practice all week by my lonesome and create a form because my purple belt test is this Saturday. Purple….that will be cool. I am looking forward to Blue because then I am going to reward myself by buyinga black uniform.

I am baking this week and crafting. I need to start contacting people for holiday drop offs this weekend, and so I know how much to make. I am excited to bake. It will keep my mind off Tim being gone and the house just being with me and the animals. Ugh…that means I have to walk Pluto…but it’s SO cold outside. He’s going to have to wear a coat.

Mail is here! I hope we got something good…like cards or something. So far we only have four.

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