Happy Birthday Sarah!

Phil and Erin just left. Yesterday Phil was dropped off while Erin went to have lunch with her old co workers. We walked over to the Dairyland and had a nice lunch, and then came back and played Halo. Then when Erin came back we played X-Men and decided what they were going to do. Happily for me they decided to spend the night and make good use of the guest room! :) Woo….I love it when that room is used. I was also nice to have company while Tim was away in Boston…well still in Boston? No at this point he should be on his way to Detroit. He is expected back tonight at 11.30 – 12:00 AM. Sucky huh?

Tomorrow morning I have another stupid dentist appointment to fill a cavity and replace another. Estimated cost? 187. Bullshit. I would love to let it pass but they threatened the “c” word (crown) and am quite afeard of that.

I still need to do some cleaning up…I haven’t completely cleaned up since the party (bits and pieces). It’s just really hard to get motivated…and I did have company yesterday and today…so that is a good excuse. ;)

Off to paint my nails red again before changing the vacuum bag, vacuuming and sweeping and eventual dishes. Wait, I should do the dishes first right? That is that is the smart thing to do.

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