Ugh. Just got back from the dentist. My mouth hurts. The gums hurt right above where they did the work…must be from the needles. Although my tongue isn’t tingly, the whole back right half of my head is numb — up to my ears! That’s a first. The dentist was super quick in drilling out the crown prone tooth and filling it with that fancy white composite. It’s strange to look in my mouth and see all the silver gone from the right half of my bottom jaw. That just isn’t natural. ;)

I took some aspirin and am waiting for it to kick in. I am just so sick of dental work though. I am tired of being held captive to my mouth. I am SO glad everything is done for the time being. It was also four bucks cheaper than I expected. A small bonus.

I have a job interview on Monday morning. I was contacted by the UW extension…the lady I interviewed with over the summer sent my resume on. How cool is that? So I replied yesterday with a few questions and got some quick responses and set up an interview for Monday. It would be at the UW extension office (across the street from State Street McDonald’s for 12 – 16 hours per week. Perfect! Although I wasn’t looking for a job I would mightily appreciate getting this one. We could really use the extra cash, especially since brother in law Mark hasn’t sent us a payment this month for the Saturn yet. And because of the Christmas season, the dentist work and the property taxes (we are 400 dollars short — going to have to increase the payments to escrow this next year by 30 bucks).

So yeah. I hope I get it.

Hilary, the dentist — First Choice Dental is awesome. State of the art stuff and she was the quickest, best dentist I have had to date. I was really impressed.

Tomorrow I am baking cookies, making crafts and hanging out with Hilary all day. Tim is going to drive me over in the morning with some of my supplies and we plan on having a sandwich soup lunch as well, along with coffee and donuts? Awesome! I should be baking today too, so I can get some of the holiday goodies ready to drop off at folks houses. On my list: Richard and Carla (who are moving to New York in January!), Sarah and Dave (along with Sarah’s b-day present), Liama, Sigrid and Matt, Lowen and Jason and Heather.

But first I think I am going to go back to bed and hopefully sleep so that when I wake up my mouth will be back to normal. I also need to practice my forms for Saturday … as well as make up one. I feel so unprepared.

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