I have been remiss.

Yesterday we got great news. Tim’s company gave him a hefty bonus that has made Christmas possible! Yes, the property taxes will be paid in full, we have the money for the hotel and drive up north AND we even have money to buy gifts now. We are both so happy for that. Yesterday I went shopping at the Mall and Old Navy. Old Navy rocked! I found so many great things at super bargain prices (I feel like a commercial). Today Hilary and I are going to Target so we can hopefully finish up the present buying. Tim is SO lucky that he doesn’t have to take me. To be quite honest going with him would have been a major pain in the ass. Shopping with darlings is always a major production.

Anyway. This weekend was SO hecktic. I got my purple belt! I made up my form in the hour before I went…I woke up with a basic idea of it, and Tim later helped me hammer out details. I even decided to name it — Lunar Tide. Something I thought of as a joke but actually came in handy an hour later when Sir asked me what the name of my form was. I was the ONLY one who named it out of the whole bunch. Ha ha ha. I rock. The form rocked too.

We also walked dogs and Candy was still there. I brought her treats this time. She is SUCH a cutie. I would love to able to say I would take her. But really we are fine with just one dog. No really. Then we picked up our Little to play a video game of his choice and order a pizza. A quite special thing I thought….when we picked him up we saw his brother’s Big Family….and his little brother was holding a Remote Control Hummer AND a huge tin of cookies for the whole family! Fuck! I wasn’t planning on getting him anything other than a tin full of cookies and candy and a mini whoopie cushion. Now that would be some sibling jealousy…if that isn’t enough…he gave US gifts! You bet. We got a Caress Body wash, puff, lotion and soap set as well as a brand new video game –The Hobbit (which I have been playing). Oh my god. Tim and I both felt faint and weak in the knees. We soldiered on. At home I put the tin together, made a card and eventually decided (after much panicking) to just write a check. I mean to be honest, we didn’t really know what he wanted anyway — I guess he did give hints like sports apparell….but that stuff is expensive and we don’t know anything about it. Sigh.

I was happy when that was over and all the volunteer work was done. That night we went to the Inferno for the 8th Anniversary. Ahh I remember the first night the Inferno opened. Tim and Josh were DJing and I actually danced in cages. Oh dear lord. I did have a good time though and Matt even played a request.

Sunday I recouped from all my stress. I didn’t even get dressed. Just kind of watched TV, played vid’s and felt sorry for myself.

Monday I had my interview. I think it went well, but today is the day I should find out. I guess we will see how well I stacked up against other folks. I hope I get it. I’ll let you know. After the interview, on Tim’s suggestion of a dream morning….I went to Starbucks and read Time, The Onion and part of the Ithsmus for a few hours by the fire place, then wandered though UW book store, deposited some xmas money and then had a wonderful little lunch at Hurry N Curry. Afterward I stopped at the Elevehem to see the art, but it was closed so I just took the bus home. It was a grand morning. Tim has such a knack for thinking of nice little mornings.

That night we drove around and visited folks dropping off cookies and one birthday present. The most interesting thing was how many people were more happy to get a surprise visit then a gift. It was amazing to see the looks on people’s faces when we stopped by. Everyone looked like kids on christmas morning. I think next year we are just going to do random visiting.

Oh, gotta get dressed.

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