I hope everyone had a passable Christmas. Mine was pretty good, as far as good goes. Everyone seemed cheery and not nearly as depressed or sulky as they were last time. Awesome! Also, it only takes 3 hours to drive from Madison to Menomonie. Well, 3.15 minutes. Phil was TOTALLY right. What bothers Tim and I, is why we thought it was 4.5 hours….

I am glad I went shopping for stuff. They needed clothes like no one’s business…everyone does if you ask me. I mean, we don’t buy them that often anymore. I think Josh was disappointed that he only got clothes and mix cd’s..but…tough. I bought the family a coffee maker…that is high tech enough for everyone to enjoy and fancy and stuff. I bought coffee and filters to go with it. ;) Mom of course, bought only gifts for me and Tim. I felt really bad that she didn’t get anything for anyone else. We got: a green bay water t-shirt, a clock that has bird calls for the hour marks (really cool), a snowman sugar and creamer set (cool as well, I didn’t have one), a box of caramel apple suckers, and golf chimes (forgive the golf clubs — we were instructed — it sounds so pretty)…which it does. I am going to hang it office. Tim liked his presents too and I LOVE my new fleece jammies, slippers and lip ring.

We made time and visited the Avery parents…it was a quick visit because Pluto was in the car. Bringing a dog along on a trip is a pain in the ass. I am glad that the Best Western accepts dogs though. We also stopped and visited my Dad on the way home. He gave me only four guilt trips about not stopping on Christmas day. He said that is what I said in the xmas card. I don’t think so. I am pretty sure I said “christmas” which can mean either the day before, day of, or day after. Geez. Also, La Vere — long time childhood friend and neighbor of Dad’s had spoken to Shane the day before and said that Dad didn’t want any visitors for Christmas. So, Tim and I kind of felt like we shouldn’t go. I am glad we decided to the hell with that sentiment — we are stopping by anyway, because he was pretty lonely. And pissed when I mentioned that is what La Vere said. Oops…I didn’t know it was taboo. I think I am going to have to make another trip fairly soon to visit my dad. Just a day trip, but a it would be nice to visit nonetheless and I think he needs it.

Came on Sunday and chilled. Oh it’s so nice to be home! I told Tim that he should have Monday off…so on Monday morning we went to the Orginal Pancake house to have breakfast with Christian and Cecci. It was good. Afterward we came home and got winterized…then went to a gaming store and then…….da da da dum! ICE SKATING! First time ever. I hated it five minutes into it. My legs and ankles burned and I had fallen and the ice really really hurt. However about 40 minutes later I feeling more confident but tired and we called it quits. We decided though that we do like it and are investigating how we can do more ice skating. What a wonderful work out. Speaking of which I don’t have TKD this week….I have a week off. After the ice capade we came home and warmed up with hot coco and then spent the rest of the day doing whatever we wanted (which means Tim was on the computer and I watched movies on TV). OH wait, I forgot to mention that we bought a nice wooden table and three chairs that we don’t’ really need to help a friend out. I forgot to have Hilary look at the table after she dropped me off from shopping today. We went to target and I bought two more pairs of pants and discovered a great shirt …. but showed it to Hilary instead because it would probably look better on her and that is what friends do sometimes. Give up good finds. Besides I can always go back…;P

I guess there is the big news….I got a job. Can you believe it? Yeah me. I got a job. Wow. It’s working for the UW extention for 16 hours a week. Apparently the race was close but my references gave me the edge I needed…I am going to have to send them thank you … cards? Email? I know cards is better…but email is so much faster. I also got the high end of the pay scale of 10-11 dollars at 10.75. ROCK! That’s great translating for “You are WAY over qualified.” You know that universities never pay the top end of the pay scale to begin with. Never. Penny pinching that way.

I start next week, then take a week off because they have something else going on and then back on again. Also UW employees get free bus passes….I think. I heard that rumor and the boss lady kind of alluded to it but I am not entirely sure. I hope so. I will be taking the bus home every day. At least I have my darling to take me to work in the morning. For three days a week he will be one time or early to work. Ha ha.

That is why I bought two pairs of pants…you gotta have options when you are out in public. My jammies aren’t acceptable work wear for the most part. I need to start making a list of the things that we want or need. I can think of …contact lenses and stupid eye exam, new bed, new computer, skates, coats, winter boots, 27 inch TV, and buffing up the savings account.

I’ll put pictures up tomorrow.

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