Okay I updated the pictures JUST like I promised I would. Sheesh, and you thought I wouldn’t do it? Did you? Admit it!

For some reason I was thinking that New Year’s Eve was Saturday…not tomorrow. Crap I wasn’t mentally ready for it to be tomorrow. I guess I will have to get into the mode of it. I also need to make something swwet to bring to the party. In addition to something sweet I am trying to convince Hilary to take a night off and give her husband a night of guilt free video game playing to go out with us. I don’t know how successfull that will be though. ;)

New Year’s is my favorite holiday…everyone is in SUCH a good mood and even the biggest scrooge has a little hope…for even a few seconds.

Last night I splurged and bought a book at Borders…we went to look at that really fancy one on the westside. Wow, that place is huge…but almost too much to look at. I felt kind of dazed. Tim bought Mech Assault II and started playing that. I want to squeeze in some hobbit time, but I needed to update this first…as soon as this is done I am moving on. Oh the book is expensive…but I have been wanting and waiting to read it for a while. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susana Clark. After Tim and I are done I expect I’ll lend it to Sarah and Dave or Heather. I think they would like it too. Unless of course, they have already read it…but that doesn’t exclude them from not already liking it.

December 2004 Pictures

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