I was almost struck by lightening! Yeah, on the way home. A thunderstorm…and my coat and shoes got all wet, but I was still dry by the time I got home. Ahh, it’s nice to be home and take afternoon naps in the drizzly rain surrounded by sleepy animals.

I forgot to give a report on how Rainy did at the Vet. She had/has a raging UTI and is currently on a 500 dose amocillian two week regime. Now that IS serious! She is starting to seem a big better and the intervals between having to go go go is getting bigger. She also had two kinds of worms…hook and ring or something like that. Both the kind of worms that you get from playing with their poop or eating. Neither of which I do. Ugh…she finished her treatment for that yesterday. It’s a good thing she LOVES food so much (no wonder considering all of her thousands of tiny little parasites), so it makes it easy to give her medicine.

I need to take better pictures of her so that she can go on the website. As much of a cutie as she is, Pluto and Innsmouth aren’t taking too kindly to her. She also has some signs of seperation anxiety….I am going to have to brush up on how to deal with that and dust off the kongs. She also likes to make herself comfortable on our bed. Ha ha..but Pluto used to do that too. “But! It’s the biggest dog bed around!”

Oh man. I slay me! ha

So I need to order one of those wrist rests for the mouse at work. I swear I carpalled myself this morning using the computer without one. My wrist is STILL hurting and I am even contemplating wearing a wrist guard or something.

There is a candy/chocolatier store on State Street! It’s by the Orpheum…and it’s tasty. I stopped in and bought two pieces of candy for 1.60. There was one in Evanston I used to visit occasionally. Sometimes it is just nice to stop at a candy store for some…handmade candy.

I REALLY need to get to work on catching up with my letters.

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