My weekend just wasn’t that great. On Friday I had a slight tugging in my chest…a cough. I still went and met Oliver and his old roommate with Tim at the Wearly Traveller and had drinks and appetizer food. I saw Andy and chatted with him for awhile too. Then we left and got home in time to watch Battlestar Galatica (good stuff — I was really impressed with how they started off….where they LEFT off and how everyone was SO tired. You could feel the doggedness of the whole situation). I think I have a small crush on the head mechanic: CPO Tyrol.

Saturday I woke up sick with a terrible chest cold. Damnit. I hate chest colds. It’s when you feel perfectly fine but feel the need to cough up a lung — painfully. Still, I went with Tim to Geneva to walk dogs. It was cold enough the dogs only wanted one lap — and some of them didn’t even want that. I only went out three times because the air hurt to breath. Later that night I got some medicine and stopped at Laima’s party but didn’t stay long. I saw someone I used to know from college though — Paul who was once Lowen’s roommate. I found that we didn’t have too much to say in general and we all just stood by the fire looking at it.

Sunday sick and lots of TV and croqueting.

Today… I don’t feel so coughy…but my nose is full of yuck and I feel like when you were a kid and had a sick day. You weren’t completely miserable and had some energy to do stuff. Too bad all my “stuff” is lame like finally taking down and putting away Christmas bunnies. I also need to sweep and vacuum. The dust bunnies have been breeding like mad and are everywhere!

Oh and I have a headache that won’t seem to go away. When is my headache syringe going to be invented already? I would really like to suck out these headaches juices and get on with my life.

Too bad this post is kind of crabby. I guess that is just what I am right now.

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