My nose has been bloody this morning. Now when I blow it, it “smells” like burnt flour. You know when you aren’t really smelling anything…it’s just a smell that is inside your head? That kind. It’s icky. I am sick of my nose not cooperating with me. I have a good mind to fire it.

It’s warmer today. I am tired today. I stayed up too late last night reading about Twixter’s. You know those shiftless young adults between the ages of 23-28 (they say, but I think it’s closer to 30). The people who are still living at home, or took forever to graduate from college, change jobs often, change apartments often, want to get married but just not right now (as in marriage is something for when you are 30), change mates often — all because they are overwhelmed with “choice,” debt and a desire to find “themselves.”

The top five indicators of adulthood are: finishing school, financial independence, getting married, having a kid and buying a home. I guess I am not a twixter…since I moved out when I was 18 and haven’t depended on anyone but myself.

I think it’s interesting to read these Time articles about … generations in progress. It’s all subjective really. I mean, isn’t that what every old generation says about the younger one? These twixters would become adults REAL fast if there was a crisis in their immediate world (war, famine, plague). I doubt many would fail the ultimate survival test (ie getting a job to feed themselves). Then again…maybe they would and it would leave the world with more opportunities for me and those I can boss around ;)

As for work today — I have a lot of typing to do. It’s okay normally, but this morning I just can’t get it together.

And Kathleen, YES we should have lunch together sometime. A late lunch…I don’t get done until 1.20. But am pretty open to whenever you are available.

Oh and we decided not to go the Queensryche show…it was a tough decision. The concert is Operation Mindcrime..and dude…it’s the Barrymore. A small intimate theather to see this concert in. Too bad the ticket prices are 35 dollars! It would cost 70 bucks for us to go. We decided to spend that money (less for sure) on a trip to Outback Sunday night. Everyone is free to join us if they want! Outback is my favorite resturant. They have the guts to make their potatos swim in butter that I cannot seem to do at home.

Hey Pat, how much Ho Chunk do you speak?

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