What a rotten birthday (hilary and darling aside). I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t ask me. I will tell you, however after my hair cut from Lowen, and TGIF lunch with Hilary and the Hill-lets, I came home to that unmistakable odor….I walked into the bedroom and saw that indeed… Rainy the foster dog’s crate was smeared with poop. There was poop on the wall, runny poop all over the shredded sheet that used to cover the crate, diarreha all over the ripped up blue towel that was pulled mostly though two small holes, crap all over the bedding blankets…and did I mention shit on the wall?

Man. It was disgusting. I was in no mood for it and called Tim. He said he would be on his way home. I went into the room and sent the dogs outside while I put on rubber gloves and proceeded to gather the bedding and carpet tiles. I then bleach cleaned the crate and wall and then sprayed it with that pet enzyme stuff. Tim came home as I was done and closed to the door to let it air dry and thankfully — I left the rest of it to him. Including the trip to Walgreen’s for poop medicine, and to the Vet, and letting her out every 20 minutes, and getting dinner, etc. I am just hoping that I am not greeted with that when I get home THIS time.

Poor Rainy and her medical problems — she STILL has whip worms which may be contributing to her feeling ill and pooping everywhere. She was pooping so much that she was yelping when she went. Poor dog. I am glad she isn’t OUR dog though.

Pluto is such a good boy.

Already today is better. Janet (my boss) made a pot of decaf flavored coffee AND coffee cake for my birthday! How nice. I decided with Hilary yesterday that I was just going to celebrate my birthday on other days. So…work recognition this morning, partying tomorrow, and cake on Thursday.

I just have to remember that everything is okay. Everything will be alright.

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