I should work on another pictures episode. I have been meaning to update my own part of the site. I should also be working on crafts — but right now I am caught up in cleaning this house. Ugh. I decided to start with one room and work my way around. The room in question is ….the KITCHEN! Woo. You gotta always start with that because of the dirty dishes. Then the counters. Then the stove. The microwave. Sweep the dirty floor. Mop the filthy floor. Clean of the table (this one took ALL week to do) — and it is almost done.

Just barely. Then I move onto the living room. Right now we have a big disassembled desk squatting in the living room that needs to be put together and moved into the office. But you see, that is going to require a lot of stuff being moved around. Not to mention the taking down of the current desk and moving it downstairs to the laundry room. I want to put it in a corner so I have a table in that room…wouldn’t that be nice? People do that kind of thing — make their laundry room seem cozy. Speaking of which I gotta go and switch the laundry… there. Set.

I just don’t know how I am going to arrange it. I want more carpet for the basement. Carpets make basement’s cozy — and warm. I wonder if that ReStore place sells carpet…hm. Not that I can be thinking about big expenditures. I got bad news that the percapita payment for May is going to 1/3 less. As much as I resisted not relying on this money — since moving back to Madison it kind of happened. Thank god I have a job. It’s going to take two months of my job to save the missing money — and I guess I have until June to do it (for July). Sigh. This just isn’t my month so far. I should save the money first before saving for the dream bed and computer. And then, I am not really sure that the percapita money will go back to it’s orginal state — the article was very vague–THEN what would we do? I would have to get a second job, or a real one. I know that this probably sounds all whiney and ungrateful to my nonindian friends — but or for my indian friends who don’t have casino’s — I know. But it’s a real concern for me and a sucky one at that. Maybe I should just save ALL of it and not buy anything until I am absolutely sure what is going to happen.

Damnit. I need new shoes too — it’s been three years since my last new pair. Well, that we will buy next month. Tim needs a new pair of shoes too.

I went out last night with Hildog (as Tim calls her) to the Inferno. I drank five beers and then had to go home. I had a great time talking with Hilary though and did my classic tmi booze talk. Today … I am suffering the consequences of one beer too many (although it’s getting better now). Ugh.

I am making a cake right now. My birthday cake for scrabble tonight. I think I might break polite ettiquitte and cut a piece when it’s done (if I have time). Well I will leave a piece for my sweet darling ….

I want to lose 30 pounds right now.

I took a bath today.

Rainy whined for an hour after Tim left this morning.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is getting MUCH better faster.

I am expecting a package of Czech wafer candy in the mail. I wish it would get here now.

I am half way done crocheting my granny motif poncho.

My cake is probably burning.

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