Nothing much going on the online blog world today so I figured I better put something up. Yeah.

Here I am, at work. I was 20 minutes late. But it’s okay cos I was really tired this morning and I am the only one here today. Really tired. Usually I can get up and get moving but this morning felt like my teenage mornings of old. At most I only ever hit my alarm snooze twice. I had to keep the clock across the room because of the times I turned it off without really waking up. I would stumble across the room towards the fuzzy red light, hit the buttom and collapse back in bed. When the second beep went off 7 or 9 minutes later I would lunge toward it, turn if off and then sit on my bed for a moment while I remembered who I was.

Ahh, 15 minutes to get ready and leave. Nothing much has changed between the Teenage Laura and Present Day Laura. 15 minutes was all I needed to pee, wash my face, brush my hair, get dressed and maybe quickly have a bowl of cereal before out the door. Present Day Laura needs a 1/2 an hour because in addition to previously mentioned chores, she has to make her husband’s lunch, pack a snack for herself, let the dogs back in, mock sass/fight with Tim — best part of the day really…. get my stuff together, put the dogs away, mail out and double lock the door. Still, if I needed too, I could still be ready in 15 and the average bystander wouldn’t know the difference. I look rather slumpy lately anyway.

That reminds me. I had a dream this morning that I was in Boyceville (why do I always dream of this wretched school? I guess because I spent 5 years there? 5-10th grade — those are formative years). I was walking to the school early in the morning and saw a young hispanic man walking ahead of me. He was a teenager — just moved to Boyceville three months before and was super gothy cool. I mean he didn’t look like a buffoon. He had cool hair, great boots, black jeans, a slightly tailered black long coat and confidence to match. I went up and talked to him.

“Hey,” I said. He looked startled to see me talk to him.

“Why are you talking to me?” he asked.

“Because I wanted to.” I responded.

“Did you? Or did you talk to me because of the way I look?” he questioned.

“I thought you looked cool, and in this town that is hard to find.” I replied. “Besides, there was once a day when I was pretty cool…not like …” I gestured to my sloppy self “this.”

“So what are you doing here?” he asked as we entered the school.

“I moved here six months ago and right now am working on continuing eduction credits so I can keep my education certificate.” I nodded toward him and walked into a classroom.

End dream.

So…what is the most preposterous thing about this dream? The cute hispanic teenager in Boyceville? My lack of coolness? That I finally wasn’t student that had to go back to high school for some inane reason? No, my friends. The creepy part is the education thing. Ugh! Me? A conventional teacher? Oy. I can’t even imagine.

And yet I can. But only in the heroic sense for rural kids who have no insight into the possiblities of the future. Hmm.

Moving on, this weekend I am going to the a Trickster Storytelling tomorrow night with Kathleen, Chuck and even TIM! Yeah…whoa. I figured since he was going to have to give me a ride there and pick me up later that maybe I should ask him if he even wants to go. ;) And there is even a Dine person telling stories — do you know Mr. Jack Jackson personally Zoey? Or do you just keep your public relations to only the highest members of the indian goverment?

I opted out of the Friday night ‘creation stories’ because that tends to attract new agers. Although, as I said to Kathleen in an email, new agers are like monkeys in that you can’t stop from looking at them. If only they were as incomprehensible as monkeys (although some could argue that they are). Oh but what I am I saying…I have TONS of new ager friends. I love them…they are so darling and precious.

Okay…what else? Oh Kites on Ice … although if this warming trend continues then is there going to be any ice? We are going on Sunday with our little for an hour. I think he has a Super Bowl party that he is going to at his church and apparently that football shindig starts at 3:00. Tim was invited to a Super Bowl party last night by his gaming group! I get the distinct feeling that that invitation isn’t extended to me. :( I am not really thrilled about Kites because we went last year and it was really just kind of boring. The only reason we are going this year is because it is definitely something we can do with our little that doesn’t cost much — just the price of a hot coco or something.

I started to work out again yesterday in an attemp to battle the glass half empty feeling I have been having lately. I was hard to get motivated to even do some DDR. Although when I did it — I felt jiggly and jaunty — but was still better than I remembered! And I have been going out with Tim to walk the dogs and a breakneck speed when available (last night it was really icy). I have been collecting bad news items for the past week — I know it is the not the frame of mind one is supposed to have…

1. Unknown fat cat sits of makeshift shelf and breaks three potted plants all over the office floor.

2. Percap check is less.

3. Dentist bill payment thinger (it’s under 20 but why should I pay? Dude I already did and so did the insurance).

4. Rainy got diarrhea again.

5. My TKD classes changed to 6:00 – 7:00 now making it nigh impossible to get there on time. I mean, it the winter its tough because it’s too cold to ride bike and walking there would take 45 min….without sidewalks most of the way…in the dark and cold….blah. And Tim is never home when he should be.

6. Main computer generated a “hardware error” the other day prompting Tim to go into hysterics that the computer is on it’s last legs.

7. Prediction of limping computer prompts me to put off my dream bed for several months while I first save the money for a new computer.

8. Ran out of stamps

But since I just allowed myself such a selfish list of pitying — I should include some good things that happened this week…

1. Got a free magic eraser in the mail!

2. Got a package full of Czech wafers and a book in the mail from old friends.

3. Got three birthday cards.

4. Went grocery shopping and now have food

5. Hung out with Hildog and had a good time.

There. Ho Hum…I have one solid thing that I need to do today. One. The rest is just data entry that could take as long or a little as I like. I think to extend it a bit because it’s the only back up thing they have for me right now, and I already did half of the job by telling the mail dude that I have a box for him to pick up at 1:00.

I wonder what the bad news item will be for today.

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