Dangit! I have a cold. I am glad that is a common cold this time..but still. When is this going to stop?! When can I be healthy again and completely back to my old self? I feel like such a waste. Everything I try to do seems like it is taking monumental amounts of effort.

I suppose. The hardest part of living to keep pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

I am all explody again — but I don’t want to take another benedryl yet because it makes me so sleepy and I already had to take a nap today. Hmm.

Tim’s parents came for a visit today…and they brought gifts! Wow. We got two new handmade fluffy fleecy type blankets, a two liter soda cooler, a left handed calander for Tim, a Star Wars Monopoly game — and for my birthday…guess what the Mother in Law gave me? If you guessed a brand new sewing machine, I would like to hire you out for other questions I have my life.

But yeah, it’s a BRAND new sewing machine! It’s a little blue number that didn’t work right away when we tried it out so there was a whole shebang where we had to go to East Town Mall and exchange it for another at Sears (with a Cinnabon for me) followed by a trip to JoAnn Fabrics (him mom wanted to go) where she bought me a sewing machine suitcase type thing. My god. IT’s too much, but I couldn’t say no since she was SO intent on it. I mean, at least it was on clearance, but 40 bucks for at travelling suitcase for my brand spanking new sewing machine…oh boy. IT’s so easy to use, it purrs like a champ, it’s cute….I’ll take a picture or two. I am still kind of overwhelmed. I set it up in the guest room on a a little desk I had in there since I got a new one.

And at JoAnn’s, I got a cross-stitch project to work on … it was on sale for 10 bucks! A eagle in the moonlight…it doesn’t look TOO complicated and it goes along with all the other Eagle paraphenlia I am acquiring. Or maybe I will give it to my Dad — like he doesn’t have enough Eagle stuff in his place either…(being Eagle clan means lots of Eagle stuff. ;) ) It will take me probably six months to finish it anyway. Tim talked me out of getting the Kitten hanging from a branch “Hang in There” pattern because…yes it is cheesy and funny, but actually buying the kit and then cross-stitching it is a little too much. I guess I have to agree.

What a great, practical gift though. I am excited to make the aprons I cut out for myself and Hilary and would love to start ironing it tonight so I could sew it….but I just feel too darn crappy. And since I ate a Cinnabon I can’t even work up an appettite to feed my darling. Maybe I will just make him shrimp poppers for dinner. I know, it’s lame but we did have a good lunch – Franks N Beans.

We got new shoes too! I got two pairs…a pair of athletic shoes and nice pair of everyday shoes. I wore them when I tried to go the Indian Storytelling thing last night with Kathleen and Chuck. It was WAY packed and after standing the back and being bossed around by women with kids — we just left before it even started. We went to the Weary Traveller and had a nice chat. I love that bar and it was nice to hang out those two. Such nice people. :)

Well, I just can’t seem to get it together to write anything interesting. Or be interesting for that matter. I admire sick people who can still maintain a postive attitude very much right now.

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