Oh another low day. MSN isn’t working today and it’s terribly lonely without my darling to talk to. Even if we don’t talk to each other all the time, I like to see that he IS there if I want to talk to him. I started out good this morning…worked on the poncho, watched ER and a movie, then ironed the two aprons for sewing…then somewhere between Ellen and Roseanne…it went downhill. I fed let the dogs out, feed them, tired to log into msn again and .. blah. Oh and I paid like seven bills this morning and got them in the mail in time. I guess that’s gotta count for something.

Heather is going to come over tonight for DDR. I am diligently working on doing that every day because they say exercise makes everything right. Right? I hope so.

I wish I could sew like Zoey. I haven’t even started it yet, and I know it will probably be okay…but man she is good. She could make anything. I wonder how she got that good…how did you get that good Zoey? And Sarah…made her own dang wedding dress…how did YOU learn how to sew Sarah? Where do people get these talents? It must be inbred…that MUST be it.

Last night I made Pancitti. I played Ghost Recon and that was fun. I am started to get a bit better…it’s so hard to see those little dudes so far away. Halo is much easier in that my target thing glows red when it’s an enemy. On Ghost I keep thinking rocks are enemies because they are bright green in the nightvision.

Well, I am going to force myself to write a page for a letter, wash my face, put on a bra and later maybe vacuum the living room. Cleaning is supposed to be another …cleanser. Puts away the bad and starts things fresh.

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