I saw this on Hilary’s page while I was clicking on her ad’s http://www.blogbinders.com/ What they do, is make a book from your journal! Amazing. To think of all the hours I wasted for the first two years of my journal coping, pasting and printing out. I am VERY tempted to get this…cos then I would have a hard copy of my online journal to keep. I kept up with this more than I do with paper journals which tend to be full of things I would never tell anyone else anyway and isn’t very consistent.

It just looks like SUCH a cool idea.

My stepdad called last night and asked me if I got the present. I said “what present?” He replied “OH nothing. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Um. Another birthday present this year? I mean my Mom hasn’t given my a birthday present since I was … what? 16 years old? Why am I getting one this year? Why have I gotten so many nice thoughts, gestures and gifts this year? It’s like the universe is trying to console this mild winter depression by plying me with kindness and unexpected surprises. I have such wonderful friends and family.

I wonder what it is. I expect it will be there when I get home.

Rain dog is at the Vet today for a teeth cleaning and nail trimming. I was hoping they would keep her over night because the idea of getting a dog (especially Rainy) just off drugs is not my idea of fun. But Tim can handle most of it. That reminds me that I moved Koopa into the living room on the highest shelf next to a big plant. Why the change? Because the other night when we were all tucked into bed a loud crash emitted from the house. “What was that?” asked Tim. I replied that I didn’t know and it kind of sounded like it was from the guest room. Then he says “I hope it wasn’t Koopa” and jumps out of bed and says

He goes into the office and within a few seconds I hear the dreaded “Fuck!”

Damnit. I get out of bed and go into the room to see that her cage has been smashed to the ground, the top has come off and Koopa is missing. I immediately shut the door and stuffed a towel under it to keep predators out and Koopa’s in. Tim cleaned up the mess and then we started the careful process of looking for her. There is a hole type thing in the closest behind the tub…and leads underneath the tub. It has a little wood panel that doesn’t stay shut well –but I have managed to cover with a box to prevent the cats from going there. Tim started bitching to me about how I was supposed to have it closed and that if he were a possum he would have gone there.

I kept my mouth shut about other suggestions I had for him as a possum and closed the thing as best I could. We looked under the shelves, under the desks (3) the the papasan, and then back to the closet when Ol’ Eagle Eye spotted her creeping along the wall towards the file tower. I looked over Tim’s shoulder and saw her tail and puffy little self cowering in the corner….we then proceeded to clean out everything one at a time. Eventually I was able to make a barrior with some cardboard so she couldn’t go anywhere and Tim scooped her up (she didn’t even bite him!). She was deposited back into the cage and was moved into the guest room where we all could get some sleep without hoodlum cats mucking things up.

Man…they knocked over and broke plants…knocked over and almost doomed Koopa…they’ve been infighting for the last week. Those bastards. They need to go to a detention center for delinquent cats.

Last night I watched Resident Evil: Apocolypse and it sucked. But you now they said that the Day After Tomorrow sucked too but I really liked that. Well, now who was this Veronica girl? Did they combine video games and bring Codename Veronica into this ga…er movie? Overall, it was a fun preteen movie but the whole time I could just imagine how it would play out for a video game. Each scene was a mission and I could tell where the cut scenes were…it was like they didn’t even bother writing a screenplay for it but just adapted a video game into a movie. As a video game it would be good…as a movie it isn’t so good.

As you can tell by the length of this post, I am the only one here for the majority of the day. Rather for the hours I work (8-1.20). So, while I have a few things…they are things that will get done in due time. Don’t be hasty.

I wish I had a donut.

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