So there is a coffee pot here at work and there is some mysterious nice gentleman that in charge of it. I’ve been offered to be introduced but have declined. He collects 3 or 4 dollars a month from all the coffee drinkers and that supplies the coffee, sugar, cream and cups. Well, I haven’t paid anything in the form of bills because I like the idea of paying by the cup 25 cents. To be a little more accurate, it’s more like ….two cups for 25 cents…although somedays I just clunk in odd amounts of change. One day I put in 16 cents. Anyway, so I haven’t seen this guy to date, and to date he doesn’t know me. Yet every day when I get my first cup and put in some change …. by the time I am ready for my second cup I sneak in there and VOILA! Change is gone. Sometimes there will be a fresh new pot too…I like it when that happens.

The two ladies here tell me that I can just pay the few bucks…but to be honest I rather like this cat and mouse actually paying 25 cents once in a while? Man, I would check it all the time if I knew there might be money in there.

I also use an old McDonald’s coffee cup despite the three mugs I have scattered around my desk. What can I say? I like the lid and the stryrofoam — keeps it toasty a lot longer.

I can’t tell you what mi Madre sent me in the mai…no I’ll have to take a photo. But seeing as I am work right now, that photo won’t come for awhile. j

I went to TKD last night and all we did was cover foot sweeps and skipping kicks + combinations. Not too much of a work out — more of an instructional class. Good thing I some DDR in earlier in the day. I had a feeling that would happen.

Last night I tried to make asian lettuce rolls….apparently they have a different kind of lettuce though so it turned into more of a salad. But it was still good, I never would have thought of radishs, red pepper, carrots and a green onion combo…drizzled with a soy/ginger/lemon/garlic sauce. Good stuff.

Oh my, I watched The Magdalene Sisters. I was not expecting to see what I saw. I was expecting some heartwarming story about three scrappy girlfriends who band together to survive an awful circumstance. The only thing I had right was the awful circumstance. I just don’t understand the catholics — they were so SO corrupt (and this happened in the 1960′s! and the last laundry didn’t close until 1996). How can these people feel that they were justified in their cruelty? How can these Men and Women of God believe that they were good and worthy enough to enter heaven? How can you take the mercy of the New Testament and combine it with the harshness of the old testament — to make up your own cons and scams … and have so many people believe it? I know I have some catholic friends, but judging from history I can’t say I understand why so many choose to belong to or identify with a group of such corrupt, hateful, greedy, cruel, murdering fiends. Oh sure, there are some bad seeds (witch hunts, asylums, sex and that little thing called the inquisition — oh not to mention the perpetrators of cultural extinction worldwide) but… just LOOK at how bad they are! And then to see all these sexual assault cases come out and people act like they are shocked. Maybe what they are really shocked at, is that this isn’t acceptable behavior anymore. Acceptable as in talked about. There answer is repress it, try to forget it happened and shuffle the godly man off to be someone else’s problem. Again, that isn’t very charitable.

I guess I just haven’t seen a movie that made me so disgusted with mankind in quite a while. Everything humans touch eventually becomes twisted, diseased, rotten or destroyed. One of the reasons I like science fiction so much is that it acknowledges mankind’s overwhelming fallacies and at the same time tries to focus on the endurance of the human spirit. The little bits of starlight in a black endless sky that try to justify our mean pitiful little existence. I have hope that we will move past these problems and become something better — but then again, I also hope daily that the end of the world or an apocalypse will happen in the next five minutes so we can get onto that next phase right now.

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