Thanks to those who gave suggestions for fabric. I think I will rip up some old pants…I know have a pair or two of those that there is no hope for ever wearing again. ANd I think I could use the denim as a liner (cos it’s ugly) and put the calico on the outside. Yeah..something like that.

Dangit, I went to Cat’s Meow today — and missing my bus by moments because I did…only to see that it was closed. wtf. I make the effort and they are closed. That is one thing I hate about small businesses…they get to set their own hours and therefore are always unreliable. So instead, I am going to the mall this evening to get a graphic novel and a ‘cool’ t-shirt from Hot Topic for my little brother’s birthday. It’s actually tomorrow and this stuff will never arrive in time — but it’s close enough. What’ better than getting a surprise package in the mail. And since I never consistently remember his birthday — it’s going to be a double whammy.

I think I am going to make him some brownies and send them too. Yeah, good idea.

So I ended up taking the number 5 bus because it said it would eventually end up at the east transfer point. This is the third random bus I have taken that kind of gets me close to where I live. I will master the bus routes for the east side of Madison before the year is out. After I got deposited at the East Tranfer point I walked over to Woodman’s and bought some fruit, cottage cheese, beef liver, Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper (dude, with three flavors fighting each other …. it’s hard to really say HOW it tastes — it tastes like Diet Dr. Pepper to me), brownie mix, pita pockets and trail mix. Maybe I will make chicken salad tonight (whatever tonight’s dinner is is always tomorrow’s lunch). Or maybe chicken egg salad…that sounds good too.

I went to the mall yesterday too and was totally uninspired to buy anything. I think it’s because I was having a bad fashion day … and I had forgotten my brother’s birthday….

Tonight is … mall, dinner, Sky Captain, popcorn and just generally spending some quality time with my number one darling.

Oh yeah, today is Pluto’s birthday (so the tats in his ears tell us) which is what reminded me of Andrew….Pluto is now five and Andrew will be 13!!!! Holy cow.

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