Friday – Walked dogs, went to Barnes and Nobles to buy the Dark Knight Returns (for Andrew) and Marvels (for myself and Tim — half way through it and it’s brilliant!) and a Battlemech? Tech? book for Tim. Stopped at Preplayed to look around and found nothing. Got subway – went home and watched Scifi Friday.

Saturday – Went to Geneva to walk dogs. Did alot of dog walking but it was a day of bloody tails. We ended up taking two dogs to the Vet, and kept one to take back to Madison for someone else to foster. Napped. Ate dinner, watched Hellraiser and Shaun of the Dead, drank wine and read.

Sunday – Watched cable movies, worked on cross stitch, poncho and letters, made a pot roast dinner, walked our own dogs in the early morning snow and did lots of reading.

Monday – sitting here at work faxing crap all over the state of wisconsin and ‘researching’ cities, villages and townships. Woo. Big fun. Planning on some laundry when I get home. My favorite fleece jammies went down the shoot last night and they can’t stay down the basement long — they get lonely for me.

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