Yesterday I was unspeakably naughty.

Today is going okay. Again this winter can be done. I want out…I want spring. I am glad that today’s Friday because that means the weekend goes by quick and then all of a sudden it’s Monday (which is generally a blur) and then BAM it’s March. With March in session I can actually FEEL how close spring is…today I am just wishing that it was unseasonably warm. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So yeah. Marvels — I liked it, but it wasn’t something that I had never seen before. The format and style of the stories is a lot like Astrocity…which was written by Kurt Busiek and a some of the artwork is from Alex Ross. In fact I thought “Hey this isn’t a totally new concept at all–the human quality of superheros — their problems, laymans perspectives, etc” until I realized that Marvels came BEFORE Astrocity. Hmm…how about that? I guess I really like the … realistic panels…it takes me a lot longer to go through them because I enjoy looking at the pictures so much. And who doesn’t like looking at superhero’s/freaks in a new way. I do think I might have enjoyed it a lot more if I knew the whole comic book history of all the characters…I had to constantly reference Tim to get the full scoop on what really happened — for example with Galactus.

And no I haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s 1602 — that has just entered my recommendation list right after Iron Council.

As for Hellraiser…you know it the was first time that Tim and I watched it through. I had always seen bits and pieces of it on TV — so I knew the general idea of what happened. OF course they edited the naughty bits on TV… I also watched it while making breakfast and doing dishes — as with any horror movie you don’t need to put your FULL attention on it. I guess it was okay. It could totally be done a play. I was thinking lately that I would be interested in becoming a teacher if I could lead the drama club in their choices of plays and direct them — I would do Dawn of the Dead for sure…I should keep a running list of movies that could easily be plays. Speaking of which I get to watch the new remake this weekend, as well as I Robot, and Napolean Dynamite (which I haven’t seen). Tim said it’s about nerds…and that it’s probably going to be painful more than funny. I guess for him…I most certainly never considered myself a nerd.

Video games include replaying Champions of Norath on harder levels — there is a new one out but we have been unable to find it used yet. Ghost Recon — working through new levels…and Tim just bought another one used yesterday called…I forget. Something about the old west and he plays a bounty hunter…again. The last game he played Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was oldwesty and he was a bounty hunter. I expect we will just play more of that…

I managed to get on the ball and write a few more letters…although as soon as I send one out I get some. Not that I am complaining…just makes catching up a tad bit more challenging. I just think it’s probably because some people hadn’t heard from me in like two months…so writing back was easy and interesting.

Battlestar is on tonight — ahh…
I am addicted to Lost too.
ER finally started over on TNT primetime in the day time…once shows start over I lose interest in them…even if I haven’t seen all the episodes. I thought it was interesting to see how fuzzy and soap opery it was in the beginning and how young George Cloony is before I switched the station to catch Mr Brightside by the Killers on VH1…and swooned only slightly.

There isn’t much for me to eat when I get home. I guess maybe I will buy something downtown and leave a tad bit early to do that. After all it is Friday and I have things I want to work on when I get home. I guess I will just have to go to Chipotle…oh the horror!

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