Shrieks climbed over each other in the school play ground Hadjare passed on her way home. She tugged a green knit hat further down her head and glanced at the swarm of kids. For weeks she would report to her husband on who the “sad lonely kid” was that never played with anyone. Today it didn’t seem to be any one kid in particular. She searched for the purple, coated girl who usually swung by herself on the swings. Today there were two purple coats moving around — one by the basketball court with a crowd of boisterous kids and another by the school entrance.

The coat by the school entrance seemed the likely candidate as she walked by one other child. However moment later she broke in a scream and ran across the playground to join the larger crowd. Hadjare watched to see who she was running to but lost interest as the purple coats’ abandoned friend caught her eye. This, she thought, was definitely the outcast kid of the day. She wore bright, fuchsia snow pants paired with an oversized,leopard print coat, with the hood pulled up over a matching pink hat and scarf set.

Hadjare chucked quietly to herself “Only dorks wear a hood over a hat.” And watched as the girl ran past her in feigned interest in a nearby tree – far away from any other child.

Later, sitting on the couch in the afternoon sun, Hadjare opened the day’s only letter.

Hello Hadjare,

Tho’t I’d write you on this nice sunny day. But it is cold outside so looks are deceiving.

So you think that little mouse looks like your possum? They’re were so many nice cute figurines., it was kinda hard to choose from.

Boy, you must have all kind of neat stores in your town. All the writing paper, stamps and interesting stickers to buy. Today we have some excitement. There is a trailer moving in across from us. F is been snooping all morning.

It’s a R__ L__ moving there and we owe her money from a bad check at her then bar. Anyway our lawyer said it was too late to collect on it, cause it’s been so many years ago. Hope she don’t bug us.

F’s having a reunion July 16th at Jake’s Supper club. We’ll both have to buy a presentable outfit. F says he can’t wear sweatpants. I guess, but it’ll be hard to find us clothes in our size. It should be fun eating out again and not worrying about leaving you kids at home like we did when we went to Kadinger’s Christmas party. I used to always worry and couldn’t wait to get home.

F is frying up bacon and I’m gonna have a hard egg & bacon sandwich. It’s so good.

I have to go the drug store today and get F’s pain medicine. He still has a sore neck & back from that accident I had 3 years ago. They sure sold all their Valentine candy quick. I missed out on that sale. Guess waiting 2 days didn’t help any either!

I got a letter from Shar at church. She moved to Eau Claire. I owe her a letter yet. I keep thinking I’ll go to Church but somehow end up never getting there. Maybe when it’s warmer I’ll go on Sun. mornings. I’d go Wed night but I can’t drive at night anymore.

Well we had our lasagna but it burned on the bottom, but it was still very tasty. I think we had the oven temp too high and it needed to be higher up on the rack.

Well, I better go now and eat my sandwich. Write soon and may God bless you both,

Love Mom

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