Sunday I got up early and wrote some letters, worked on the website (check it out at ) where I added the “excerpts’ part. It is still a little rough and needs some work, but a good start. We went out and met Sigrid and Matt for dinner, it was nice. They gave us a bubbling fountain christmas present. I assembled it immediately. I am working on creating a new look for our apartment. Doing one little section at time until I am happy with it. I would be happier if I could paint the walls though. 8( I bought one of those bamboo shoot look a like things too. Where you put it in water. So I put some rocks from an extra bag we got for the aquarium in a beaker and put the stick in it, and put it int he living room. OH I also vacuumed and did the dishes (and tim mopped the kitchen floor). Our apartment is looking pretty good lately. We even cleaned up the room a little last week. I just need to finish the laundry and start reworking the look of the room and we are set.

I wish I was an author. I wish I could stay home. But when reading my short stories (right now reading the mutant files….there are so many authors that have written SO much….and yet I have never heard of them…would I be that kind of writer????).

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