Blah blah blah. I am having one of those days where I am fighting to stay motivated and not feel like I am getting anything done. I spent the morning working on the diagonal beading technique I was trying to do last fall. I set up the warp threads and needles — and between rereading and examining the pictures and watching the movie on Billie Holidays life (with Diana Ross) I only managed to just finish that. Oh and I chose two size ten beads — yellow and orange. I have no design yet…but I had to stop. Why? Because I started to feel like I was wasting the day on this project. I should be doing other things like:

1. Washing the dishes
2. Sweeping the floors
3. Vacuuming the carpet
4. Changing my doctor with the insurance
5. Pay bills
6. Study finances
7. Exercise
8. Clean off the kitchen table
9. Clean the bedroom
10. Clean the office
11. Wash the whites
12. Working on my new website
13. Getting dressed

Etc. etc. And trust me, I can subcatergorize those into things like….sort winter and summer clothes, organize all the paper work, sweeping the basement laundry room floor, changing cat boxes…and on and on and on.

But this is see these are all the things I did before I had to do a paper or study for something back in college. I am procrasting. What I really want to do is just work on the beading technique and let everything else slide for the time being. But then that would make me a terrible housewife. A waster of time. Slothy. Yes, even if I did clean the and organize everything in the house — while I would feel like the house is clean, and the hours have passed — that I didn’t really do anything significant. Just stupid cleaning.

I work best in creative bursts — which is why I can’t force the website stuff right now.

Damn it. I’ll do dishes for now. Get dressed, wash my face and then go back to the beadwork. Besides, that isn’t even including: TKD, dinner, care of animals and whatever else I do at night.

oh and last night I took the night off and ordered pizza. That was good. But I seeing a trend here.

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