I wish I knew shit about php. I hate having to wait for someone to MAYBE help me with something. I have decided if he doesn’t help me, then I am just going through with it…and will work around it by putting bio pages as an individual like (kind of like lj)…instead of something cool like a photo. This shouldn’t be hard. And it probably isn’t to someone who has clue as to what to do with php.


The conference was good…but like all conferences — I ate too much. :( I am such a chubby dag.

Laima came by with EGGS last night. Happy eggs….range free….organic kind of eggs. IT was good because we had them for dinner. I want to get my bike tuned up — this weekend.

I just had chili for lunch I had made months ago and had frozen. It was even better than I expected. I made some decaf coffee too — it’s all I have.

Tim never did do the dishes. I have to do them. :(

I have to watch a movie too before Tim has a hernia that it is taking up a whole netflix spot.

I want to work on Rainy’s new collar — but it’s hard to measure her because she goes all spastic when I touch it…she thinks we are going to for a walk. Sucker.

I feel like taking the whole day off after working for two days …yeah, when I came home yesterday I immediately went out side and transplated some plant….with bulbs…to a different location. It felt good to dig around and get dirty with my gloves. Man there are alot of worms out there. I wish we knew something about gardening.

My Mom is overwhelming me with letters…I can barely keep up — and in the mean time I am letting others slide a little bit. I should get to work on that.

I wish we had nice patio furniture.

The dogs have to wear muzzles when they go out in the yard now because Rainy has influenced Pluto …. and they are both rough and bitey. Pluto got a big gash in his hind flank because of that — they are too fast for being bitey. Fuckers.

Rainy’s chest is all shaved, she had an ultrasound yesterday to try and figure out what is wrong with her. Nothing came up on the ultrasound….what is the fate of the Rain Dog? One shouldn’t keep a dog on antibiotics for life…right? Eventually they will become resistent.

I can’t wait for the new bed — hurry up tax money and get here.

Oh I went to Racy Delene’s in Eau Claire while I was there…and it’s still there. Yeah! I couldn’t believe it…and of course Trucker’s Union was still there too. Cool. Of course I didn’t see anyone I know. I am too old for that now — I have been away too long.

I expected a whole bunch of cool email when I returned…but only got four messages. :( Dangit. I used to be quite the email corresponder.

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