I took in my bike for it’s … well tune up. Actually I said it need an “overhaul” to the bike man at William’s Street — and I was right. He said that the cartridges and chain needed to replaced, in addition to the tires and brakes. Maintenance sticker price? $150.00

Gah…but it’s my baby. My first big expenditure in life, and my main mode of transport in the summer. Plus it’s a great bike — light weight, fast, perfect for me. Since I was unable to say yes right away (my frugality suppressed me). Tim answered for me, and then I was told it would be about 10 days before it was done. Whoa, ten days? Dangit…I guess I should have brought it in sooner — I never thought it would take that long. SO, my bike is in the shop.

I felt like it should have had a name other than “my bike.”

Getting in the car to leave I saw Sarah and Luke walking on the street with Amos (small white dog). They were heading to Quizno’s. They happened to have a new drill in the car for us, and we were able to invite them for breakfast at the Original Pancake House for next weekend. We are both terrible at using the phone to arrange things. Oh and the drill was a xmas present from bil Ben that we forgot at the parent’s house at Easter.

We also went to the MATC powwow — and ate … and then talked with Ron, and his wife Linda and saw their kids, and looked at vender’s and looked around in general and right before grand entry was to start I decided I wanted to leave. Standing for all that is so boring — and it’s not like it’s something I haven’t seen before. SO we went home and played Zelda: Legend of Four Swords — our latest coop play video game, drank a huge … HUGE 42 0z, fountain drink (diet coke) … oh gotta go.

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