Is up and running!

I haven’t made a post yet –well other than getting the whole thing started. I know that one other person said she was interested — but she hasn’t emailed me back any information yet — as soon as she does then I will add her. Yes, that you Michelle. :)

Also, I have busy being …. sneaky. My Mom’s letter writing has exploded! Her letters have become so beautiful that I am going to keep them to pass on my grandchildren…that good. Letter Heirlooms.

I decided my Mom could use another penpal. So I made an ad for her yesterday on my favorite penpal site and as of today she got five responses! Two of them were from Ghana (deleted) so that left three. I had asked for US pals specifically, but one answered from the UK that seems so interesting that I decided I would sponsor my Mom … and send her the international stamps. I responded to all of the ladies who responded, and asked if they would write the first letter (because my Mom was “Rusty”) Really, I don’t want my Mom to invest money in something that might not work out…. but she will reply to a letter if someone sends it to her…but she isn’t that big of a risktaker.

I sent Mom the ad and responses, two international stamps, tons of stickers and flower seeds today. She should get them tomorrow. I don’t think she will be upset with me. She can decide not to write them if she wants. That’s pretty much par for the course in penpalville.

So Heather is coming over for the second workout this week (to make up for last week’s missed session). I am not feeling the vibe today (Lady troubles if you know what I mean) …maybe we could go for a long walk. I could do that…. and that would be good exercise.

IT’s nippy today. Okay, on to creating a post for the new site…I have a few things I have been documenting…

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