Alright. Many things are buzzing, so my favorite method of posting — -train of thought.

Throwing an emergency bridal shower for Birke — gardening theme. Recruited Sarah and Laima to come up with dazzeling ideas. Only two weeks away so mailed invitations are foregone.

Tceku stuff — need to expand posts to 10 per page instead of five and wondering if I could do two lines of members on the top …. an issue I don’t need to worry about now, but might in the future. Have to recruit Tim to do that.

Need to move wet laundry over to dryer. Puts load of laundry sprawled on the bed away.

Bought a new bed on Sunday at Steinhaffel’s — been alternatively plagued with guilt over the cost and the rash decision to buy it that night instead of going to tons of other places — we went to American first and was unimpressed but did get to try out several beds. At S, we were able to try out even more beds and had an excellent sale’s man who threw in the frame for free, they also had free delivery and take away (american charged for both), and a full 30-day money back gaurantee…of course the bed has a 10 year warrenty …. so of course the only reason I am paranoid is that I read ONE stupid eopinion that said indiviudual wrapped coils tend to sag, or something to that effect. The PRO was that the bed was extremely comfortable…which it was/is. It’s completely stupid for me to worry about this…we liked the bed — it was like when I found my stupid wedding dress and this house, I just knew it was it. I never felt wracked with worry about marrying Tim or moving into this house though. Janet, my coworker, said that I would feel better about the decision as soon as the bed was in the house and we slept on it for one night. I hope she is right. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for this bed…my first, brand new bed ever — and we could have committed a worse sin and gotten a pillow top! *gasp* Oh, the bed is a Simmon’s Beauty Rest….how about that?

I got my welded d-rings and webbing in the mail today…I am disappointed with the webbing. They sold it by the foot and not by the yard like I had hoped. It didn’t say anywhere on the website what the format was, and I should have emailed but I am a complete idiot, in any case it was a TON cheaper than Dorn’s and it’s good quality, and the D-Rings were totally worth it.

I need to clean the house and especially the bedroom to make it look like we are casually pristine all the time.

I sort of helped Matt and Sigrid move this weekend, mostly I just ate pizza and reorganized stuff. I also entered a shadow box decoration competition with Birke and Sarah (I have a box for Hilary to do something with too).

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home (via bus) and bought too much food. It was SO heavy coming home that I almost solicitated a young boy and his bike to carry two bags for me in exchance for two bucks. Luckily, he stopped at house and went in before I had a chance to embarass myself. My shoulders are still a little stiff.

I just messaged a friend to ask if I could see him take his black belt test. Is that creepy? — oh wait he just said they don’t let people watch. Dang.

I am waiting with bated breath to see what my Mom thinks of my penpal hijinks. I hope she isn’t mad and that she actually follows through if someone writes her.

I am waiting to get my bike back out of the shop.

I am going to schedule to take my blue belt test in May. I need some focus and something to work on aside from all the working out I have been doing. Have I mentioned that I have dropped two inches in my torso and an half inch on my arms? All of that and dropping 8 pounds on the scale tells you that it is muscle…PURE muscle.

I need to order and I Pass for our visit to Chicago next month.

Have to pay the rest of April bills tomorrow.

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