Last night I went out with Hilary after Tim and I dined on taco bell. Damn that’s good once in a while.

We went to the Weary Traveller but there was a country band. Might have been cool if there had been anyplace to sit down. We left. Ended up at the Cardinal for techo night. I got a half price cover from Tara (my old roommates ex girlfriend). The special was pitchers of BPR for 3.00 bucks. Yes, three whole bucks. It was VERY cool. We stayed until almost bar time — and got out. I hate getting caught at a bar when the lights go on. It feels like I am caught with my pants down.

This morning I slept in with a the brief interuption of a lonely darling who wanted to chat. *heart*

Woke up at 12:00 when the bird clock twittered. I took shower right away because my hair felt so greezy — like it was slithering. Then I made a rye, cheese and hard salomi sandwhich (I have eaten this all week) and answered the phone. It was Heather (workout buddy) who wanted to drop of some CD’s I lent her and some she burned me (new music!!!). I convinced her she needed some coffee and a break from packing. We had a nice two hour coffee break.

Came back and fed the dogs. Did the dishes. Wrote some important emails and did some website stuff. Now … I need to go back and do some more cleaning.

oh and I fixed the vacuum the other day. It works better than ever now.

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