Gah, no time. More listing…sorry.

Friday I took a rare opportunity to meet a wazika fan. While he may not be an actual fan, he did contact me via this website. He’s another educated Ho Chunk living in the Madison area, and he invited me to join him and his wife for lunch. I was very nervous — what to say and all that, but most of you know that rarely stops me from meeting new people anyway. However, at the end of the visit we still had things that we could have talked about, or had broached things that could have been explored more — and that, in my book, is all you need for it to be a success. I forgot to take a photo of that though…:(

I went with Hilary to see Violent Femmes at the Memorial Union…I took pictures — mostly of us. :D The actual show as kind of boring…just a bunch of old dudes in hats, sitting and tons of college fans singing the songs like all of the songs were only special to them. Ugh. We did get Chipolte though in a break and even had a lousy margaritta — they told Hilary she couldn’t buy a drink without getting food. She had to promise them that she would eat half of my burrito. Suckers! She totally guzzled it down all by herself the moment they weren’t looking…I’m kidding.

We left half way through the show to go to Union South to check out Karoke. It was a sad little bunch of kids…really sad. We stayed for awhile and clapped loudly but didn’t sing. We did however, dance badly to one song where the ballroom nerds were dancing. That was fun.

Then we walked back to the car and stopped at Denny’s for late night munchies and then went home. It was a nice night…I totally forgot about the block party. Eh…I’ve had my fill of college nerds for the season.

Saturday: Tim and I landscaped. I have pictures…I will upload them tomorrow for a week in pictures…and also to update Tceku. Other than that, we hung out and had a nice night watching The Office Special. It was okay…I was suprised with the Happy ending. Hey, all you folks with Netflix, gimme your email address so that I can befriend on netflix and then take quizes guessing what movies you liked or didn’t like. Right now I only have Chuck and Kathleen on my list — and we have only been wrong ONCE on their movie picks.

Sunday: Church shopped — at an Episcopal church. So far, they were the best of the bunch…not that there is a huge queue mind you. Afterward I read the Sunday paper with coffee, and then later went to bed to hang out and try to get warm. This cold is for the birds. Later on we walked the dogs, and then went grocery shopping. It’s nice to have food….tonight we are having tuna stuff tomatos.

The Ho Chunk Nation has contacted me twice now about starting up a Ho Chunk Alumni association. I think it’s a brilliant idea and am very eager to help out. Typical though, it’s going to be based in Black River Falls for now…and will take quite awhile before it’s up and going. Still, I don’t want to see it stall because …well I guess I just feel like anything that exclusively happens in BRF tends to stay there and doesn’t become inclusive for all members (not living there). Although the program coodinator indicated that she hoped it would include members from all over the state. I hope so.

The more I think about it, the more I would like to see an Native type center in Madison — a place for the people who have not just in school anymore, but actually out there…living life. I mean, there are indian centers in other cities, like Milwaukee, the Twin Cities and Chicago — but there are none in the actual capitol for the state of Wisconsin. I think this could be a valuabe resource. Now how do you go about starting something like that when you yourself feel like you’re alienated? And maybe a little wobbily on the fine path between native and non-native life?

And last but not least, thanks for the PHP offer James — I may have some things in the near future that need tweaking on.

Oh, and Phil — I work part-time — Monday, Wednesday and Friday…that way I always have the afternoon and every other day off. It’s awesome.

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