Today I have a head ache, and feel just all around kind of crappy. For the first time, I used my cell phone for evil purposes and called in to say I was picking up keys. THen I took 15 minutes to get a deli sammich, a bagel, and slow leisurely walk to work. I was Thirty minutes late, and immediately walked into heck. Admist all this, the facilities manager called to say that he was going to look at the project I need him to do, but that I really probably didn’t need to come. 8( Damn. I said okay…even though the more I think about it, the more I think I should be there. But there is another meeting where I WILL be there. It’s just that he is so mysterious. He is like one of the head honchos over at facilities, he is young with a soft spoken voice and a pony tail!!!! What?? HE is so young and rebellious it seems. … …

[Two hours later]

Ha! I got invited after all. It seems it turned into a big mess up there without me to explain a few things. 8) Now, I have to clean up the mess again. Stupid politics. If people just didn’t jump to so many conclusions everything would be fine. I still have an andreline rush.

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