Gotta be quick cos there is some scheduled downtime coming up. This week we are going to Chicago to hang out with our Chicago friends, watch a show, drink beer, and have an all around good time. This past weekend was pretty good, with the help of two other hosts we were able to pull off a GREAT bridal shower for Birke. If only the weather had cooperated a little more…sadly I do not have pictures of it. I was too busy and my camera had no batteries. However, everyone else took pictures and if they are ever willing to share them with ME then I will share them with you. ;)

Now, here’s some lame eye candy— Week in Pictures has been updated.

A sampling of the great stuff to come — notice “Pammi” otherwise known as the Violent Femmes biggest, and loudest fan. I SO wanted to turn around and say “Sing it! Sing it!” (but that would have been rude). You know, at the same time…is looking at someone else’s camera considered rude too? I wonder.

Or as Hilary says: “Pammi is about to push us over and yell “Superstar!”

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