Aye, it’s been a bit. But big things happen….that is life happened. OKay, that sounds way more dramatic than it really has been.

First, Tim and I went to Chicago on an “extended weekend” and it was great! We had three goals in mind, visit, see a show and shop and I am proud to say that we accomplished them all with flying colors. What more, is I took pictures of it and documented almost the whole thing — with the exception of a visit with Mike and Rachel, the show and the shopping. I can’t be a miracle worker here….sheesh.

We visited: Eric, Kate, Mike, Rachel, Aric, Erika, Eric, Jerry, James, Arlette, Elizabeth and her husband, Bekah, Greg, Zach, and some old co workers from Northwestern who showed up at the Hopleaf while we were there. I was quite surprised that the new director (a grad student when I was there) stayed and talked with Kate and I so long. I guess it’s just nice to talk and gossip about work when the people who no longer work there. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to see Holly (my old boss), I wasn’t quite sure she would even want to see me (but then Kate said she would have…) oh well, next time, right?

Of course Chateau Eric/Kate was wonderful and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Chicago (they have the most incredible rates!). That reminds me that I need to send them a check…oy. Finances, now that is something I would rather put off for a while longer. But the second half of month bills need to be paid this week (before Friday). Sometimes I really hate looking at finances — especially when I know it could be more if a certain someone had kept to verbal contract with us — but I can’t say anything because it is Tim’s responsibility to deal with it and I don’t want to be one of those wives that harp and harp on it (even though it affects me too). It just means that the new computer will have to wait indefinitely until we can accrue enough money to buy one.


I rode bike home today and it was good. I didn’t get rained on, I got a chance to dawdle and leave work a little later, got a nice bit of a workout in and STILL made it home at the same time the bus would have delivered me here. Cool! I like bikes.

Ben the brother in law is coming to town tonight. We are going to get together with the other inlaws who live five minutes away and eat somewhere. Of course that means I can’t do sparring tonight –which I am feeling mixed about. You see, Iron Man asked me on Monday if I was going to go, and since I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to then, I said yes. Now I feel like if I don’t go I am going to be making excuses (even though this just came up last night right before bed). Should I call? That’s stupid…I mean…or should I? Sometimes there just isn’t that many people there…or would the very act of calling to let the Rings know I won’t be there seem kind of arrogant like I assumed that he would be expecting me? God I don’t know. All this from a man who makes me nervous and blabbery with his silences. And yet he still talks to me.

Like on Monday before I left, he came up to me specifically and asked me what I learned in class that day. I was still pretty pissed about class (I have a problem with understanding everything Master Ring says — and I have a heard time controlling my defensiveness when he instantly picks on me for doing something wrong — even though half of the class may be doing the same damn thing I am — I am the one who gets the ‘Personalized” instruction. Gah! so I muttered something about having to watch my classmates a little more closely to figure out what he said to do, etc etc. My goodness….see? I was starting to blather because I wasn’t expecting to be hijacked because Tim was late in picking me up.

Yeah so…I finally got around and asked him how his sparring with the Edgewood class went two weeks ago, an he said “By just watching them warm up, I decided I didn’t need to wear head gear or a mouth guard. You shouldn’t be able to defend black belts with just one arm. Hell, I get more of a challenge sparring you.”

Huh? Hey now wait a minute just there…wait…uh…was that compliment?

I just don’t know…I dont’ think I am that good — but how can I really compare when all I ever do is spar black belts. Plus I feel chubby and slow, and slow and slow…and did I say chubbily slow? Cos that’s exactly how I feel. Maybe if I could just go for a half an hour….cos I have a feeling we wouldn’t be doing anything until at least 7:00….

Hm. okay now to advertise the EXTREME Weekend Pictures in Chicago. I have heard, numerous times that, for some odd reason completely inexplicable to me….wazika fans seem to LIKE Week in Pictures more than than they like my dribble. How can that be? Anyone want to explain that to me? Anyone?

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