Oh my goodness. Yesterday instead of doing DDR (it’s nice out…we should be outside), Heather and I walked to the tennis courts at Olbrich. We only waited 10 min before we got a court and I proceeded to demonstrate just how far playing tennis four times (now five) in my life can get me.

Not very far.

Tim rolled in a while later on his skates to watch and threw out comments every other second about how terrible my form was. It was good stuff — and I wish he had been there earlier because by the time I frustruated him enough with my bad playing to give it a go in his socks with Heather — my back was nigh upon seizure. Ouch ouch ouch. Seriously, it hurt….I guess learning the how the points go in high school isn’t the same as actually learning how to “hit” the ball. But, Heather seemed to put up with us just fine and I think I might be |—–| closer to getting Tim to join us on Tuesday for rotating games (god knows I need the break in between and Heather could use some actual challenge).

And now, …. Dangit Bert! Why did you say something earlier about the whole Detroit thing? I mean we didn’t plan this Memorial Day weekend until 2 weeks ago, so could have totally done it especially since it isn’t a gazzillion states away. :( Now I am little bummed….what are you doing in Detroit anyway? So I guess that is one request I can’t honor. But on another note, we have one free airline ticket (via miles) and another close — but probably not close enough — we are still keeping an eye out for cheap tickets there… and then we will rent a car and then..yeah. It’s still in the works.

What else? I took pictures of me making tuna macaroni salad yesterday … okay more like the salad and cats smelling tuna, then me. I also paid a lot of bills, wrote a few birthday cards, worked on a letter, and worked on some new beadwork….I also wanted to implement adsense into the Tceku website – but chickened out at the last moment for fear of ruining some php stuff…I guess Tim will have to do it tonight. I forgot to ask him last night.

Creative things I need to do: Make a new dog bed (and document it!), make Phil a mix CD, write five or six letters, fix the kitchen faucet — the bottom of the … uh….over hanging faucet thing is corroding and little jets of water stream out when the pressure is up high — is there a plumbers glue that would fix this without having me replace the entire faucet right now?, make a listserv for tceku so members can talk freely to each other about ideas and what not…oh and that reminds me! The first fanmail!!!!

Comment from: MorningStar [Visitor] · http://www.soundwinds.blogspot.com ·

What a great blog. I found your blog as I was buzzing through the internet from one of my blog’s “Next Blog” button, which brought me to Carmen’s blog and then Tiger Lilly and then Zoey’s and a few others that I can’t remember now. What a nice treat this has been today. I planned to do something critical but this is so much better. I used to do beading when I was a kid but never did any on a loom. I bought a loom a while back but lost it in a move. I used to do the single-thread sort that could make a band like the one in your picture but it’s been so long, it would be hard to start again. However, I’ve kept up with crochet and other types of needlework.

Your projects are really nice. If I keep going at this rate, you all are going to get me inspired to do beading and hiking and poetry again. MorningStar

05/24/05 @ 14:22

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