Back. It was a funeral, as traditional funerals go. Thank you for all the well wishing.

I got to meet a few cousins that had lived or are living in Madison — one of them on the red eagle side actually live in my side of town! Exciting. I also took the opportunity to write down and try to learn some more Hocak with my Dad. Writing these things down phonetically is hard. But I made sure to go over them a day or two later to make sure I could understand my own notes.

Also I heard that another immersion camp was going on at the powwow grounds. Huh.

I had a really long talk with my Choka Don. It was great because he puts things into perspective. Over all, I learned a lot this weekend. It was especially great to finally meet my cousin Bryon — I always kind of thought we would get along.

Hilary came by and we went to that All Natural Willie Street coop — my first time there. Mina does NOT like that place, and mere seconds after a warning from Hilary that she doesn’t like that place, she started to throw a tantrum. I picked her up and carried her throughout the store looking at all the all natural, organic, expensive hippie stuff. We did end up buying some ice coffee ourselves, and a soymilk for Mina. We drank outside in their little garden place — enjoying the heat. Okay, maybe I enjoyed the heat more than they did. Then we came back to my place (cos they dont’ seem to mind the mess but appreciated the central air) to look at some of the stuff I brought back and get suggestions on where to put it.

Blast. What a mess this place is. I slept until 12:30 today — but man did I need it. Especially with only four hours of sleep yesterday morning.

Anyone want to come over and help me clean?

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