So we are gearing up for this weekend — and of course after a stressful week — and not really knowing how this weekend was going to work — the DH and I got into a “maritial spat” on the drive to work this morning. At least that is what my coworker referred to it as. Ha ha, she said “Those first seven years are hard … and then when you have kids too.”

I guess after August we are in the clear for awhile huh? Haha. She further went on to clarify “I guess after that you get pretty good at ignoring each other.”


Of course we made up — there is no real point in fighting for long, is there? No one wins. But it did remind me though of a friend I used to have — they thought that once you got married it was supposed to perfect harmony and bliss forever and ever. I wonder if that kind of marriage has ever existed? At least where the two people involved still loved each other and lived in the same house that is.

Thanks for the vacuum and dish thoughts Zoey — it was nice even if for pretend. I ended up doing a lot last night. Man did I get a crap load of things done. I took out all the cat saturated pee stuff in the basement, swept and bleached the basement floor, cleaned the clogged drains (in basement), went to Ace to try and find some kind of plumbers glue to fix the corroded faucet … they said I needed to replace the whole thing. Easier said than done! I don’t know how to turn water off. :( Later on I tried taping it — failed. Then gum — failed. Then more tape — failed. Sigh.

I also got some pesticide for the rose bush, books from the library and pink nail polish and pinwheels from walgreens. I also did dishes, cleaned the kitchen and living room and put things away, wrote three pages of letter and managed to make dinner and watch “the Village” – –(boring!)


Brother in law Phil is getting hitched this weekend, also it’s the first camping trip of the year. And it’s Hilary’s birthday and I don’t know what to get her yet. :(

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