Working like a … ah… well working everday takes a toll on how fast things around the house get done, that’s for sure.

Big news is — it’s my Mom’s birthday today … AND she is coming to visit me for a week. On Saturday we are driving up to Menonomie to pick her up and take her back for a week. I can’t tell you just how excited she is about this. This is her first real trip …as long as I have known her. The last time she was in Madison–or had even left town was back in 2000 when I broke my back and Shane drove her down. Before that was 1998 when Shane drove her and Josh to our wedding and I paid for a two nights at a hotel.

But this is going to be the first time she has ever seen the house, and stayed with me. It seems like a normal thing for many of my peers — that their parents visit all the time, but for me, it’s just so unusual.

Anyway, so I am making up two of the three days lost so far by working every day this week. Then I will make up the other two (memorial and 4th of july) sometime in July. That way I can be home on my usual days off while Mom is visiting.

I planned a lunch next Thursday with my friend Roberta (at my place), you wanna come Hilary? Take in mind that she very well might cancel (very typical) so there will surely be food. :) And beside I really want to see Leta RUN!

I am slowly working my way through the massive pile of things to do: I have written five letters (at least two a day), hung up a mirror (only three tries and a lot of wall putty to cover up the oops), hung up some more pictures, changed the shower curtain, did some whites, cleaned off the desk, half cleaned/put away crap on my desk, am working on the guest room, reading books, and a thousand other minutia.

There was something else I wanted to say…what was it?

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