I had the strangest dream this morning, no doubt influenced by watching Evolution last night. Which wasn’t as bad I thought it woas going to be. I actually somewhat enjoyed the stupid plot and the special effects were indeed fun. In any case the dream. The dream involved working late, and having coffee while waiting for the woman to talk to me. She told me to sit the other room while she finished something, and I do to be nice. But when hours pass and it gets dark, I start to think I should leave. Just then she come into the room, which has changed into a living room, and brings in her son behind her. Although she calls he him He Nu. I say something about how I am a He Nu too, and then realize that he is a Ku Nu. He comes up and shakes my hand, and starts speaking fluent HoChunk. I respond …somewhat sarcastically “Pe na gi gi” and he pauses and continues speaking in HoChunk. The crazy part was, when I started to really listen and try to understand what he was saying…it felt like … there the language barrior…of me understanding it..became so transparent thin, and I was about to break through…. . Then I went home. Tim was mad at me because I didn’t call, and I was late. Then I decided to go in late to work and called, this random temp answered. He said that no one called in or came in today. I said I would be right there. Magically I am transported to outside the building (not my building at all, but something resembling my 5th and 6th grade school). There are abandoned sheds, tires and over grown grass everywhere. It looked like something had gone though, monster or something like (I told you…evolution), but then I noticed that there were hundreds of little kids playing…or pretending at playing. They were almost going manic in a way. I looked around and there were shadows of monsters getting nearer and nearer to them playing their games. I decided there was nothing I could do for them…they were not of this world, and walked into the office, where …no one was there. Then I woke up.

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